Premix Asphalt

High Performance Carbon Premix Asphalt

HPC Premix Asphalt was designed by the Deuces Group in response to a need for a Sustainable , Premium Quality, All-Weather , Storable and Extended Shelf life premix asphalt, conforming to local and international road specification standards .

Sustainable Premix Asphalt Solution

At the forefront of HPC Premix Asphalt mix design is Environmental & Economic Sustainability . The design criteria of HPC Premix Tar caters for Affordable , labor Intensive and Environmentally friendly production processes.

The product can be easily manufactured on site, using selected locally available aggregates and labor from the communities surrounding the project, thereby adding value to the communities by generating income and sustaining local support industries. Ambient production technology minimizes environmental hazards .


Premium Quality, High Performance Product
Our HPC Premix  Asphalt is a formulated mixture of inert fillers, bitumen extenders and binder enhancers blended with selected aggregates and bituminous emulsions to manufacture Cold Mix asphalt tar for general road surfacing and repair. The Cold Mix Tar asphalt mix is designed to conform to TRH 8 specifications for ‘fine continuously graded asphalt’.