Premium Supplier of Cold Mix Asphalt Tar in Bags in Pretoria , Johannesburg and Cape Town

Cold Mix Asphalt South Africa is a leading supplier of Cold Asphalt and Bitumen products in Johannesburg, Pretoria , and Cape Town.

We manufacture and supply LBS Cold Mix Asphalt, a tried and tested Quality product used for Driveways, Roads , Potholes , Patching and Asphalt Surfacing.

Our Advantage:

  • Self – priming Asphalt
  • No heating required
  • No tack coat required
  • All weather Asphalt
  • Extended Shelf life of up to 12 months
  • Custom packaging in 25KG , 30KG , 50KG and 1 Tonne Bulk bags.


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Premium Supplier of LBS Cold Mix Asphalt Tar in South Africa , Brnaches in Cape Town , Johannesburg and Pretoria. We manufacture and supply high Quality Cold Patch Cold Asphalt that Complies to South African TRH-8 Road Standards.

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